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Batch converting TiVo files in Linux Print E-mail
Written by Jason   
Sep 26, 2008 at 10:18 AM

Recently my TiVo finally died, leaving me with several gigabytes of encrypted TiVo programming. Here's how I removed them.


I stored all of my TiVo content on one of my Linux servers that ran Galleon, so naturally I needed a Linux solution. I loaded tivodecode, a snappy little utility that removes that troublesome TiVo encryption. I threw together this little script to automate it. Drop it in any directory that contains *.TiVo files and it will convert them to *.TiVo.mpg and delete the old .TiVo files. Be sure to change the XXXXXXXXX to whatever your TiVo Media Access Key is.


ls *.TiVo > tivofiles.txt

while read FILES


   echo Converting $FILES
   tivodecode --mak XXXXXXXXXX -o "$FILES.mpg" "$FILES"
   rm $FILES

done < tivofiles.txt

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